twyla - 04 occasional table

Twyla - 04 Occasional Table


The Twyla side table is made from five hand sculpted plaster forms nested together without hardware. Sealed with lime, the finish is matte and resists spills and stains. To clean scuffs or spills, wipe with a damp, clean cloth.

Each of the Twyla table's five forms are closed and hollow. Because they are made by hand, dimension and weight varies. However, each leg measures approximately 14" H x 14" D x 14" W, weighs 20lbs, and has a flat cork pad underneath. The top form is approximately 25" D x 25" W x 6" H and weighs 30lbs. There is no hardware connecting them, and each form can be moved individually. Overall dimensions: 35" W x 35" D x 17" H, approximately 110lbs.

Each table is signed and made in Portland, Oregon. To assemble, place each of the leg forms together so that their edges are touching. Place the top form so that it is resting on each of the leg forms. Adjust as necessary.